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TFS Repository Operations

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Category Team Foundation Server

TFS Repository Operations


Perform a task against the TFS repository. Select from one of:

checkout - Checkout a folder from TFS. If the local working copy already exists, just update it.

checkin - Checkin the contents of the local working copy to the repository. You can specify relative path to specific file or leave filePath empty to checkin all local changes

getChangeset - Get the latest changeset from local TFS Workspace.

resynchronise - Delete the local working copy (if it exists) and then perform a new checkout.

deleteFile - Delete a file or folder (recursively) from the local working copy (that is under version control) and schedule for deletion in next commit. If the file previously existed but has already been deleted and scheduled for inclusion in the next commit, this operation is ignored.

createFile - Utility operation to create an empty file in the local working copy. Equivalent to using the 'Touch' task. If the file exists, this operation is ignored.

makeDirectory - Utility operation to make a directory in the local working copy. Equivalent to using the 'Make Directory' task. If the folder exists, this operation is ignored.


The following resources may be set on this task:

Table of task Resources

Name Type Default Value Optional Description
failOnError java.lang.Boolean true false This task will not fail the deployment on error if set to false.
filePath java.lang.String   true The path to the file. Required for addEntry, deleteEntry, createFile, makeDirectory operations.
mappingServerPath java.lang.String $/TeamProject/folder false Set this to a writable TFS server folder (like "$/TeamProject/folder") - this is the path to the project/branch location inside your repository.
operation java.util.List checkout false The operation to perform. One of: checkout, checkin, getChangeset, resynchronise, deleteFile, createFile, makeDirectory The deleteFile, createFile, makeDirectory require a filePath entry.
outputParameter java.lang.String ${tfsOutput} false The name of the output parameter, which can pass the return value from the task. The task output will be the Tfs output. Define a unique parameter name starting with '${', ending with '}' for the whole orchestration (latter tasks can override the parameter value if the same parameter name is specified). You can refer to this parameter in any task below in the tasklist, as an input parameter ${tfsOutput}.
retryCount java.lang.String 1 false The retry count. The number of times to retry a TFS call, before failing. The time between successive retry calls is set with the "retryInterval" setting
retryInterval java.lang.String 5000 false The retry interval in milliseconds. If set, the amount of time to wait before retrying a Tfs call.
skipOnFailure java.lang.String Previous Task Name true Skip current task based on the name of the previous task whether has failed or not.
tfsPassword java.lang.String   false Password to use to authenticate when connecting to TFS (if required).
tfsRepositoryUrl java.lang.String false The TFS Repository URL of the RapidDeploy project. This is the URL to the top level of the repository.
tfsUsername java.lang.String   false The username to use to connect to the TFS Repository.
tfsWorkingDirectory java.lang.String /Users/user/repositories/tfs/TeamProject/folder false The location on the file system where the local TFS Working Copy directory will reside.