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Skype a message

Class Name
Category Social

Skype a message on Microsoft Skype


Skype a message to a user or group.


The following resources may be set on this task:

Table of task Resources

Name Type Default Value Optional Description
failOnError java.lang.Boolean true false This task will not fail the deployment on error if set to false.
message TextArea   false The message to send to the account.
messageGroup java.lang.String   true The group topic name or id of the group to send a Skype message to.
messageUser java.lang.String   true The username or display name of the user to send a Skype message to.
outputParameter java.lang.String ${skype} false The name of the output parameter, which can pass the return value from the task. The task output will be the Skyped message. Define a unique parameter name starting with '${', ending with '}' for the whole orchestration (latter tasks can override the parameter value if the same parameter name is specified). You can refer to this parameter in any task below in the tasklist, as an input parameter ${skype}.
skipOnFailure java.lang.String Previous Task Name true Skip current task based on the name of the previous task whether has failed or not.
skypePassword java.lang.String   false The password to the Skype account
skypeUsername java.lang.String   false The Skype account username.