IBM Rational ClearCase plugin

The IBM Rational ClearCase plugin is a project plugin that is used to integrate the framework with the IBM Rational ClearCase Scm repository.


This SCM plugin allows an external IBM Rational ClearCase repository to be used as the RapidDeploy configuration management repository. RapidDeploy 2.8+

This plugin requires a ClearCase client to be installed on the RapidDeploy server.

You must also specify the path to the cleartool command file on the RapidDeploy server.

The view path specified should be the view extended pathname to the projects top level directory. Typically this will be a UCM ClearCase project base directory, below which the RapidDeploy artifacts are stored. It will be the same directory that contains the midvision-deploy-orchestration.xml file.

Create, update and commit operations

Whenever a file is created or updated in RapidDeploy, the activity specified will be used to checkout the file, make the changes and check the file back in. Please note that RapidDeploy will not create the specified activity, this should have been created beforehand by your ClearCase administrator and should only be used by the RapidDeploy process. If this is a new file, the parent directory will be checked out, the element created and checked in, and the parent directory checked back in. Whenever a file is created or altered by RapidDeploy, the checkin comment will reflect the user who performed the change.

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all user interface plugin parameters.

Evil twins

Please note that RapidDeploy will not attempt to prevent the creation of so called �Evil Twins�, a situation in which two elements, of the same name, are created in two different versions of the same directory element. If you wish to prevent the creation of evil twins, your ClearCase adminstrator can configure ClearCase appropriately to disallow them. Please see IBM documentation on resolving issues with or preventing evil twins.