Scripts Management

This plugin allows you to manage scripts on target servers. You can snapshot a scripts directory, by giving the top level directory path and a set of filesets to include/exclude for both configuration and binary files. This snapshot set of files can be compared over time (comparison of checksums for the binary filesets) to determine configuration drifts.

The filesets can be templated and parameterised, using environment specific data dictionary files and packaged up for deployment to other targets, thus enabling scripts files to be stored in the SCM tool on the framework server, managed centrally and deployed out to target servers just as you would for code.

The scripts can be run from the deployment package or from a target managed location as part of the deployment job, or run as a separate scripts execution job.


The Scripts plugin allows the user to deploy and or run any script on Windows or any flavour of Unix/Linux. For example Shell, Perl, Ant, bat files. Any command line parameters may be set, to different values in different environments if required. Any environment variables used by the script may be set for each target environment and referenced from the target environments shell or dynamically set in the shell from an environment variables file that can be stored in the software configuration management tool. The scripts may be deployed to the target server and run, or run directly from the server. Scripts can be stored in the user's software configuration management tool so that updates to scripts can automatically be deployed to target environments via releases similar to those you already do for code.

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all tasks and parameters.