Microsoft .NET plugin

The RapidDeploy .NET plugin allows you to manage multiple environments running Internet Information Services. This is a safe and convenient way to support server deployment related common tasks like:

  • Install IIS and Web Deploy 3
  • Deploy InstallShield MSI packages
  • Manage IIS server objects
  • Deploy contents to Web Sites remotely
  • Synchronize server objects remotely
  • Migrate server objects from older versions (supported from IIS 6.0)
  • Backup and restore objects remotely


This plugin requires Windows operating system. We support from Internet Information Services version 6+, therefore the following Windows versions are supported:

IIS Version Operating System
6.0 Windows Server 2003
7.0 Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
7.5 Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
8.0 Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Our framework supports the installation of IIS version 7.0 and 7.5, for other versions you have to enable the web server role in the windows control panel.

For most of the tasks, Web Deploy 3.0 is needed to be installed properly on the machines, therefore its install package is required. Web Deploy 3.0 install package can be downloaded from


IIS project and environment parameters don't require any changes in common scenarios, as all installed Windows softwares are placed in their default location. There is a set of tasks given, which are partly depends on each other:

  • The IIS and Web Deploy 3 install tasks don't require anything installed on the target machine.
  • The InstallShield package installer and server object manager tasks (included start and stop server tasks) require IIS installed.
  • The rest of the tasks (synchronisation and backup/restore) requires IIS and Web Deploy 3 installed on the target machines. As all these tasks are calling each other's Web Deploy Remote Agent through RapidDeploy, so it is useful to parameterise the Web Deploy Agent's path with the data dictionary feature of RapidDeploy.

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all tasks and parameters.


This is separately licensed plugin that is not shipped with the framework. Please contact MidVision sales to obtain a copy of this plugin. This plugin interacts with Microsoft software, which may require a separate license.

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