Search Replace Task

This section relates to the SearchReplaceTask

Please see the tasks and parameters. documentation for details of how to call this tasks from your orchestration file.

This is the standard search/replacement using any key/value pair. Additionally, this may also be used to replace properties held within jar files. The search/replacement uses regular expressions.

How do I enable it?

  1. Add a SearchReplaceTask to your orchestration
  2. Specify the directoryToSearch
  3. In the Entries section at the bottom, add one PROPERTY line for each search string.

    A standard search/replace entry:

    Type            Key                                                                     Value
    PROPERTY        A value to change                                       The changed value
    PROPERTY        c:/websphere/PortalServer/log/          /usr/websphere/wascell01/AppServer/logs/WebSphere_Portal/
    PROPERTY        /usr/bin/java                                           @@ENVIRONMENT_SPECIFIC_VALUE@@
    PROPERTY        /var/sft/dev01/bin                                      /var/sft/@@ENVIRONMENT_NAME@@/bin

    In the last two lines, we show the use of Data Dictionary values. In these cases the value to be replaced can be different in each environment, based on the value attributed to the Data Dictionary value in that environment.