Configuring JAAS Login Modules

Default setting in

installCustomJAASEntryAndLoginModules = "false"

Configuring a custom JAAS Entry and associated login modules

installCustomJAASEntryAndLoginModules = "true"

Example using multiple login entries

Firstly, we create as many Login Entries as desired. To create more than one we need to append the string "Add_n" to the variables, where "n" is an increasing number:

# JAAS Login Entries
jaasLoginType                           = "application"
jaasLoginEntryAlias                     = "MidVision_WEB_INBOUND"

jaasLoginTypeAdd_1                      = "application"
jaasLoginEntryAliasAdd_1                = "MidVision_WEB_INBOUND_X1"

jaasLoginTypeAdd_2                      = "application"
jaasLoginEntryAliasAdd_2                = "MidVision_WEB_INBOUND_Y2"

jaasLoginTypeAdd_3                      = "system"
jaasLoginEntryAliasAdd_3                = "MidVision_WEB_INBOUND_T3"

Example using multiple login modules

Once the Login Entries are defined, we can reference them in the Login Modules. We can reference the Login Entry using the variable we used the declare them or simply the value:

# JAAS Login Modules
# Referencing the Login Entry using the variable name
jaasLoginType_1                         = jaasLoginTypeAdd_1
jaasLoginEntryAlias_1                   = jaasLoginEntryAliasAdd_1
jaasLoginModule_1                       = ""
jaasUseLoginModuleProxy_1               = "false"
jaasAuthStrategy_1                      = "REQUIRED"
jaasCustomProperties_1                  = ""

# Referencing the Login Entry using the value
jaasLoginType_2                         = "application"
jaasLoginEntryAlias_2                   = "MidVision_WEB_INBOUND"
jaasLoginModule_2                       = ""
jaasUseLoginModuleProxy_2               = "false"
jaasAuthStrategy_2                      = "REQUIRED"
jaasCustomProperties_2                  = [[["name", "cookie"], ["required", "false"], ["value", "true"]]]

jaasLoginType_3                         = "application"
jaasLoginEntryAlias_3                   = "MidVision_WEB_INBOUND"
jaasLoginModule_3                       = ""
jaasUseLoginModuleProxy_3               = "false"
jaasAuthStrategy_3                      = "REQUIRED"
jaasCustomProperties_3                  = [[["name", "cookie"], ["required", "false"], ["value", "true"]]]