Configure Message Listener Service

Thread pool settings for all Message Listener Ports

Variable Description Default Value
mlsInactivityTimeout Inactivity Timeout of the Listener Port 3500
mlsIsGrowable Can the thread pool grow beyond mlsMaximumSize FALSE
mlsMaximumSize Total Maximum number of threads for all listener ports in this JVM 50
mlsMinimumSize Total Minimum number of threads for all listener ports in this JVM 10

Specific Listener Port configuration settings

Each listen port is configured as below, using _1, for the first Listen Port, and _2, _3 etc for additional Listen ports.

Variable Description Example Value
mlsListPortName_ Listener Port Name MVMsgInboundQLsnr
mlsListJndiName_ Listener Port JNDI Name. Maps to a JMS Queue resource JNDI name MVCHTQ1/Q.Mv.com_mv_jxe_InboundQueue
mlsListCfJndiName_ Listener Port Connection Factory JNDI Name. should map to a JMS Connection Factory resource JNDI name MVCHTQ1/QCF.MV1
mlsListInitialState_ Initial state of START or STOP START
mlsListMaxSessions_ Maximum concurrent session (threads) 3
mlsListMaxRetry_ Maximum retries on failed read of message off the queue 0
mlsListMaxMessages_ Maximum messages per session 1