First of all the installation flag must be properly set:


Then, the following variables can be configured in order to create Schedulers, where "_n" is an incrementing number starting by 1 ("_1"):

Variable Description Default Value Required
schedulerScope_n Specifies the scope of the configured resource: "cell", "node", "cluster" or "server" "node" No
schedulerName_n Specifies the name by which this scheduler is known for administrative purposes. Yes
schedulerJndiName_n The Java™ Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) name specifies where this scheduler instance is bound in the namespace. Yes
schedulerDescription_n Specifies the description of this scheduler for administrative purposes. "" No
schedulerCategory_n Specifies a string that can be used to classify or group this scheduler. "" No
schedulerDatasourceJNDIName_n Specifies the name of the data source where persistent tasks are stored. Yes
schedulerDatasourceAlias_n Specifies the alias for the user name and password that are used to access the data source. Yes
schedulerTablePrefix_n Specifies the string prefix to affix to the scheduler tables. Yes
schedulerPollInterval_n Specifies the interval, in seconds, that a scheduler polls the database. 30 No
schedulerWorkManagerInfoJNDIName_n Specifies the JNDI name of the work manager. Yes
schedulerUseAdminRoles_n Use administration roles. "false" No