Session Management

Application Session Management

In order to configure an application session management you need to enable the proper flag, by default "false":

modifyAppSessionManager = "false"

Then, if you want to "Override session management" you can do it with the following property, by default it's not set, which means it won't be modified, set it to "true" if you want to enable it or to "false" to disable it:

appOverrideSessionManager = "false"

The options available to modify cookies' configurations are (shown default values):

appEnableCookies = "true"
appCookiesHttpOnly = "true"
appCookiePath = "/"

Multiple applications

For multiple applications the properties need to be set as follow (shown default values):

APPNAME_overrideSessionManager = "false"
APPNAME_enableCookies = "true"
APPNAME_cookiesHttpOnly = "true"
APPNAME_cookiePath = "/"

Where APPNAME is the name of the specific application you want to configure.