Configure Messaging Engines

The default setting in is:

Each set of name/value pairs is terminated with _n where n is an integer, incrementing from 1 and referencing the next SIB Messaging Engine to be created or modified.

Configuring Messaging Engines to use File Stores

SIBMEStoreType_1 = "file"

SIBLogDirectory_1 = "/usr/websphere6/wastst61_10/AppServer/"+busName_1
SIBTemporaryStoreDirectory_1 = "/usr/websphere6/wastst61_10/AppServer/"+busName_1
SIBPermanentStoreDirectory_1 = "/usr/websphere6/wastst61_10/AppServer/"+busName_1
SIBMECustomProperties_1 = [[["name", "sib.msgstore.jdbcAllowSynonymUse"], ["value", "true"]]]
SIBMECustomProperties_1.append([["name", "sib.msgstore.jdbcUseDeleteInsteadOfTruncateAtStartup"], ["value", "true"]])

These directories are the filestores used by the messaging engine created by adding a Server to the SIBus. File Stores are only suitable for Test environments as when the Messaging Engines fails over, potentially to another Data Centre, the FileStore may no longer be accessible. If you require multiple messaging engines, you should look to use data stores to ensure the queues are accessible wherever the ME is activated.

Configuring Messaging Engines to use Data Stores

SIBMEStoreType_1 = "data"

SIBMEdsSchemaName_1 = "sipiltms_owner_ME000"
SIBMEdsJNDIName_1 = dsjndiname_2
SIBMEdsAuthAlias_1 = databasePasswordAlias_2
SIBMEdsCreateTables_1 = "false" # By default if not set
SIBMECustomProperties_1 = [[["name", "sib.msgstore.jdbcAllowSynonymUse"], ["value", "true"]]]
SIBMECustomProperties_1.append([["name", "sib.msgstore.jdbcUseDeleteInsteadOfTruncateAtStartup"], ["value", "true"]])

The Database variables specified for JNDIName and AuthAlias relate to variables in the DataSources configured in the normal way elsewhere in the python file.

Configuring Additional Messaging Engines

SIBaddMEbusName_1 = busName_1
SIBaddMEStoreType_1 = "data"
SIBaddMEdsSchemaName_1 = "sipiltms_owner_ME001"
SIBaddMEdsJNDIName_1 = dsjndiname_3
SIBaddMEdsAuthAlias_1 = databasePasswordAlias_3
SIBaddMEdsCreateTables_1 = "false" # By default if not set
SIBaddMECustomProperties_1 = [[["name", "sib.msgstore.jdbcAllowSynonymUse"], ["value", "true"]]]
SIBaddMECustomProperties_1.append([["name", "sib.msgstore.jdbcUseDeleteInsteadOfTruncateAtStartup"], ["value", "true"]])

Configuring Policies to Manage Messaging Engine

See the Core Groups and Core Group Policies article

Configuring Foreign Buses

See the SIB Foreign Buses article