Application Server Transaction Related Variables

Values set by default (in are:

# Application Server - Transaction settings
asTransactionLifetimeTimeout = 120
asTransactionClientInactivityTimeout = 60
asTransactionLogDirectory = ";4M"
asPropogatedOrBMTTranLifetimeTimeout = 300
asAcceptHeuristicHazard = "false"
asLPSHeuristicCompletion = "ROLLBACK" # Possible values: COMMIT, ROLLBACK (default) and MANUAL

This indicates that the total maximum transaction lifetime timeout is 120 seconds. The tranlogs will be allowed to grow to 4Megabytes in the default directory $WAS_PROFILE_HOME/tranlogs/Server_Name

Note this is a change to the Out-Of-The-Box WebSphere settings where the tranlogs are allowed to grow to only 1Mb.

Any transaction started remotely will be timed out after 300 seconds, and a client request that remains inactive for 60 seconds will be timed out.

Overriding the above values

This may be done by overriding the above values in the or server specific jython file for the project.