WebSphere Variables


WebSphere variables may be set at cell, cluster or node scope.

  • varname : Variable Name
  • vardesc : Variable Description
  • varval : The value of the variable
  • varscope : The scope, One of node, cluster, cell
  • varnode : The node(s) to set the variable on if node scope. Optional parameter at node scope. If not set the variable is set on all nodes. If set to a subset of nodes, comma separated, sets the variable on only the specified node

Default Settings

The default settings in profile_defaults.py are as follows:

        # Variable Defaults
        varname_1 = "MQ_INSTALL_ROOT"
        vardesc_1 = "MQ_install_root_dir"
        varval_1 = "/usr/mqm"
        varscope_1 = "node"

Therefore you need to start your variables at '_2'.

Setting variable example

        varname_2 = "MY_FILE_LOCATION"
        vardesc_2 = "Location of Fileystem file"
        varval_2 = "/home/jxadmin/userfile.props"
        varscope_2 = "node"
        varnode_2 = "mvcloud01 "

Sets the MY_FILE_LOCATION to "/home/jxadmin/userfile.props" on mvcloud01 only.