WebLogic 11 plugin

This Oracle product plugin enables integration with and provisioning of WebLogic 11 servers.

WebLogic Application Server is a complex, highly configurable product with literally thousands of interrelated configuration items. The RapidDeploy WebLogic plugins support deployment of code (in the form of ear/war files) and configuration to the WebLogic domain.

The plugins includes modules for snapshotting all configuration items in a WebLogic domain for comparison over time to highlight configuration drift. The exported configuration may also be templated and used as the basis to re-import to this, or another, WebLogic domain. Snapshotting may be achieved by either file based or JMX methodologies.

The plugins also include modules for WebLogic configuration and code deployment via a Python scripting framework. This allows for an application, its mappings and WebLogic configuration items to be deployed in an idempotent way (The deployment always brings the target up to the desired state). All common configuration items are supported in a simple to understand and use way.

It is easy, for example, to set a cluster count and topology with a couple of configuration lines, instead of the (potentially) thousands of lines that would be needed using an xml export definition. Then, to create a package to increase the cluster count by one cluster member on each node in the topology is a single character change to the configuration file. This will be rolled out and updated automatically on the next deployment to this environment, along with any other code and configuration changes bundled into this package. Packages can be rolled forwards and back as required.


You must have access to licensed Weblogic install media.


This plugin can be used to install and patch WebLogic binaries from the install media and create/update new domains. This plugin can also be used to take snapshots of and perform jython ear/war and configuration deployments to a WebLogic domain. It can also be used to perform jmx deployments of enterprise applications to WebLogic domains

The tasks included in this plugin are:

  • WebLogicBinaryInstallTask - Deploy WebLogic binaries
  • WebLogicBinaryPatchingTask - Patch webLogic binaries
  • WebLogicBinaryUnInstallTask - Uninstall WebLogic binaries
  • WebLogicDeploymentViaJythonTask - The Python deployment framework task
  • DeployFileViaJmxTask - Deploy an ear/war via JMX
  • UndeployFileViaJmxTask - UnDeploy an ear/war via JMX
  • DeployConfigurationViaJmxTask - Deploying a previously exported (via JMX) snapshot
  • StartDomainTask
  • StopDomainTask
  • StartManagedServerTask
  • StopManagedServerTask
  • DeployConfigurationTask - Deploying a previously exported (via file) snapshot
  • OracleFusionMiddlewareFormsCompileTask

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all tasks and parameters.