Subversion Manual Sync plugin

The Subversion plugin is a project plugin that is used to integrate the framework with the Subversion Scm repository, performing actions on the repository only when explictly requested (by the user) to do so.


You will need access to a Subversion repository and should obtain the necessary credentials and URL for this. You should decide on the structure to use for your projects in the SVN repository.

When you enter a URL for the Svn Repository location, this will be the projects root directory. All folders and files beneath this directory will be checked out to the local working copy. This repository location may initially be empty, but it must exist. The framework server will not attempt to create it.

You will also need to decide on the location, on the framework server, of the local working copy for SVN checkouts. This must be in a filesystem with sufficient space for the copy and in a folder that the framework server has read/write access to.

Create, update and commit operations

This plugin, when selected, creates a local working copy in the specified directory on the framework server. This copy is used for all updates and commits for the project to which it is associated.

The local working copy is created during project creation when this plugin is selected.

This plugin supports manual updates, commits and resynchronisation actions by using the buttons on the Scm tab of the project panels, or via the equivalent JMX commands.

This plugin differs from the "standard" Subversion plugin in that it does not update from, or commit changes to, the Subversion repository unless explicitly requested to do so by use of the update, commit and resynchronise buttons on the Scm tab of the project panel.

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all user interface plugin parameters.