MidVision RapidDeploy

Release History

Version Date Description
5.1.6 TBD 5.1.6 (no database change)
5.1.5 2022-05-11 5.1.5 (no database change)
5.1.3 2022-04-19 5.1.3 (no database change)
5.1.2 2022-03-28 5.1.2 (no database change)
5.1.1 2022-03-21 5.1.1 (no database change)
5.1.0 2021-12-10 5.1.0 (no database change)
5.0.31 2021-11-03 5.0.31 (no database change)
5.0.29 2021-08-23 5.0.29 (no database change)
5.0.28 2021-07-16 5.0.28 (no database change)
5.0.27 2021-02-26 5.0.27 (no database change)
5.0.26 2020-12-29 5.0.26 (no database change)
5.0.25 2020-10-23 5.0.25 (no database change)
5.0.24 2020-10-13 5.0.24 (no database change)
5.0.23 2020-08-11 5.0.23 (no database change)
5.0.22 2020-08-05 5.0.22 (no database change)
5.0.21 2020-07-03 5.0.21 (no database change)
5.0.20 2020-06-01 5.0.20 (no database change)
5.0.19 2020-04-21 5.0.19 (no database change)
5.0.18 2020-04-03 5.0.18 (no database change)
5.0.17 2020-03-10 5.0.17 (no database change)
5.0.16 2020-02-14 5.0.16 (no database change)
5.0.14 2019-11-06 5.0.14 (no database change)
5.0.13 2019-09-12 5.0.13 (no database change)
5.0.12 2019-07-11 5.0.12 (no database change)
5.0.11 2019-04-08 5.0.11 (no database change)
5.0.10 2018-11-23 5.0.10 (no database change)
5.0.9 2018-07-18 5.0.9 (no database change)
5.0.7 2018-06-28 5.0.7 (no database change)
5.0.5 2018-01-12 5.0.5 (no database change)
5.0.4 2017-11-14 5.0.4 (no Database change)
5.0.3 2017-09-11 5.0.3 (no Database change)
5.0.2 2017-08-02 5.0.2 (no Database change)
5.0.1 2017-07-20 5.0.1 (no Database change)
5.0.0 2017-07-11 5.0.0 (no Database change)

Release 5.1.6 – TBD

Type Changes By
Fix Previous jobs filtering on job selection. Fixes 3987. development
Fix File uploading feature in project resources, project packages and feedback attachments. Fixes 3980. development
Fix Schedule UI panel issue in recurrent feature settings. Fixes 3979. development
Add Project packages information management improvement. Fixes 3973. development
Add New skip step feature for pipeline jobs. Fixes 3970. development
Add WEB Service API for project creation by copying. Fixes 3965. development
Fix Data dictionary UI issue in project details page. Fixes 3966. development
Fix Remoting agent windows service script and binaries update version from 1.0.5 to 1.3.1. Fixes 3963. development
Add Running project from project with additional parameters. Fixes 3950. development
Fix UI bug between orchestration tasks and data dictionary on project edition page. Fixes 3930. development

Release 5.1.5 – 2022-05-11

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade Spring framework to latest version to fix CVE-2022-22965 vulnerability. Fixes 3931. development
Add Update RD property from "ldap.security.principle.pattern" to "ldap.security.principal.pattern". Fixes 3906. development

Release 5.1.3 – 2022-04-19

Type Changes By
Add New feature for tab view session state in resources edition page. Fixes 3933. development
Fix Amend previous job listing page. Fixes 3932. development
Add Upgrade Tomcat to version 9.0.62 to provide a mitigation for CVE-2022-22965 a Spring Framework vulnerability. Fixes 3931. development
Add Secure channel connection for Azure Storage accounts. Fixes 3925. development

Release 5.1.2 – 2022-03-28

Type Changes By
Fix Improved UI filtering management in data dictionary entries tables. Fixes 3921. development
Fix Amended UI issue on data dictionary entries edition. Fixes 3919. development
Fix Amended validation service for undiscovered targets in project edition. Fixes 3917. development

Release 5.1.1 – 2022-03-21

Type Changes By
Add Move unsupported Apache Log 4J version 1.X to Simple Logging Facade 4J (CVE-2021-44228). Fixes 3900. development
Add Hide menu context links to project configuration when job project element is empty in job plan edition page. Fixes 3892. development
Add Updated File Based Repository artifact plugin. Enable or disable the removal of all project packages on project deletion. File Based Repository artifact plugin version have changed to 5.1.2 All projects based on this plugin will require upgrading. Please see upgrade documentation for further instructions (http://docs.midvision.com/LATEST/install/upgrade.html). Fixes 3883. development
Add New feature for uploading project class path files in project edition page. Fixes 3870. development
Add Updated primefaces UI framework from 6.1 to 11.0. Fixes 3865. development
Add New version available notification displayed in page footer. Fixes 3589. development

Release 5.1.0 – 2021-12-10

Type Changes By
Add New functionality in the AWS plugin: - New task to assign an IAM role to an EC2 instance. - New task to increase the EBM volume of an EC2 instance. - The key pair task parameter field is now dynamic. - New task to execute a generic AWS CLI command. - New task parameter "User Data" for the "Create an EC2 instance" task. Fixes 3771. development
Add Orchestration and task improvements. Backward compatible. Fixes 3869. development

Release 5.0.31 – 2021-11-03

Type Changes By
Add Add the option to set the VPC and subnet when creating a new EC2 instance in the AWS plugin. Fixes 3859. development
Add Data Dictionary entry string value size up to 10,000 characters. Fixes 3860. development
Add Run Job Plan element feature in Job Plan edition page. Fixes 3848. development
Add New Microsoft Teams plugin based on latest APIs and MS graph services. Fixes 3789. development
Add New version available information displayed in system management page. Fixes 3589. development

Release 5.0.29 – 2021-08-23

Type Changes By
Fix Project target data dictionary value deletion feature. Fixes 3837. development
Fix Data Dictionary discovery feature in project edition page. Fixes 3834. development
Fix Bitronix transaction log appender patch. Fixes 3832. development
Fix Project data dictionary key renaming feature. Fixes 3831. development
Fix Local File artifact plugin regex feature for package name validation. Fixes 3828. development
Add Add Job Plan feature improvement. Fixes 3773. development

Release 5.0.28 – 2021-07-16

Type Changes By
Fix Project import with different name from original. Fixes 3819. development
Fix Command output verification with success string logic in Command Run Step, Command Runner and Command Runner With Response tasks. Fixes 3807. development
Fix Project orchestration edition UX. Fixes 3806. development
Add Data dictionary entries discovering in resource edition page. Fixes 3796. development
Add Job Plan edition features to set continue on failure in pipelines for batch execution policy. New field in job plan form to set the execution policy as part of the job plan persisted data. Fixes 3790. development
Add Job Plan edition feature to include existing job plans components as part of the job plan. New multiple selection feature to copy, cut and remove diagram elements. Fixes 3773. development
Fix Data Dictionary entries merging functionality between resource and project scopes. Fixes 3784. development
Fix Resume job operation in manual step execution. Fixes 3780. development
Fix Late Configuration settings for Live targets in Job Plan edition page. Fixes 3777. development
Fix Job Edition dialog in Job Plan edition page. Fixes 3774. development
Fix Project copy functionality in project list and copy pages. Fixes 3769. development
Add Project package creation in resource edition page. Fixes 3738. development
Fix Project import process for SCM plugins based on non file systems. Fixes 3726. development
Fix Job Plan failure pipeline removal. Fixes 3713. development
Add Target specific value definition on data dictionary resources. Fixes 3688. development

Release 5.0.27 – 2021-02-26

Type Changes By
Add Show running version in remote agent start up and project jobs execution via ssh in remote target. Fixes 3728. development
Fix SQL Server data type conversion syntax. Fixes 3726. development
Fix Problems with Git repository cloning task. Fixes 3719. development
Add Kubernetes plugin features Extension to handle Deployment resources type. Fixes 3712. development
Fix References management between projects and resources. Fixes 3682. development
Add Display entry help text on Late Config panel in Job Plan edition page. Fixes 3673. development
Fix Issue with Cron Scheduled jobs feature. Fixes 3653. development
Add New Microsoft Teams plugin including send team message task and step. Fixes 3639. development
Add Jenkins plugin improvement to be able to invoke Jenkins Jobs with parameters. Fixes 3631. development

Release 5.0.26 – 2020-12-29

Type Changes By
Fix Data dictionary files inclusion pattern. Fixes 3684. development
Fix Data Dictionary populated values. Fixes 3682. development
Upgrading AWS APIs to latest version 1.11. Fixes 3676. development
Fix Supports HTTPS protocol for Maven repository connectivity. Fixes 3672. development
Fix Task enable/disable UX issue in project edition page. Fixes 3669. development
Add Jobs logging improvement. Fixes 3662. development
Fix Late properties update in Job Plan edition page. Fixes 3644. development
Add Previous jobs and job plan edition pages improvement. Fixes 3643. development
Add New Helm plugin including new tasks. Fixes 2882. development

Release 5.0.25 – 2020-10-23

Type Changes By
Add Move embedded JRE to OpenJDK. Fixes 3651. development

Release 5.0.24 – 2020-10-13

Type Changes By
Fix Job execution with build store path name containing white spaces. Fixes 3649. development
Fix Error messages in Job Plan edition dialogs. Fixes 3648. development
Fix Resume job execution in task halt. Fixes 3645. development
Fix Resource data dictionary entries edition. Fixes 3629. development
Fix Execution job for live environments in job plans. Fixes 3624. development
Add Editable help text in Data Dictionary entries. Fixes 3619. development
Fix Pin and unpin task details panel in project edition page. Fixes 3607. development
Add Orchestration tasks panel resizing in project edition page. Task resource edition dialog for long text inputs. Fixes 3598. development
Add Improve multi selection of projects to projects groups in dashboard filter panel. Fixes 3576. development
Add New built-in variables JOB_ID and JOB_USER available in deployment time. Fixes 3574. development
Add Target entries comparison in project details page. Fixes 3453. development
Add New Kubernetes (k8s) cloud provider plugin including new tasks. Fixes 2882. development

Release 5.0.23 – 2020-08-11

Type Changes By
Fix Built-in database files handlers in Windows. Fixes 3613. development

Release 5.0.22 – 2020-08-05

Type Changes By
Add Active nodes reduction based on current number licensed. Fixes 3600. development
Fix Project details page when entity does not exist. Fixes 3597. development
Add Link to view data dictionaries resources in project details page. Fixes 3596. development
Fix Plugin loading service. Fixes 3595. development
Fix Job Plan execution via web services. Fixes 3594. development
Add Update End-User License Agreement. Fixes 3593. development
Fix UI issue in Job Plan edition. Fixes 3592. development
Fix Allowed nodes validation in server update operation. Fixes 3591. development
Fix Welcome page chats UX response improvement. Fixes 3590. development
Fix Schedule calendar client time zone. Fixes 3588. development
Add Export and import of job plans and servers from job plan step definitions. Fixes 3584. development
Add Server selection drop-down list in remote file/directory resource configuration. Fixes 3583. development
Add Approval step pipeline new feature in job plan definition. Fixes 3577. development
Add Multi selection of projects and environment is dashboard filter panel. Fixes 3576. development
Fix Complete re-engineering of the Jenkins plugin to invoke Jenkins from RapidDeploy. A new Java client API has been integrated (https://github.com/jenkinsci/java-client-api). Fixes 3569. development
Add Improvement in Remote Resource checksum file in job package creation. Fixes 3558. development
Add A new resource was added to the 'WebSphereGenericDeploymentTask' to be able to append any extra parameter to the 'wsadmin' command. Fixes 3499. development

Release 5.0.21 – 2020-07-03

Type Changes By
Add Manual Execution jobs new feature for Job Plans. Fixes 3580. development
Add Cloning Environment Variables in server copy operation. Fixes 3575. development
Fix Environment management page. Fixes 3559. development
Add Remote Resource checksum file in job package creation. Fixes 3558. development
Fix Hostnames management for cloud server instances. Fixes 3546. development
Fix Project dictionary entries update in multiple dictionary resources scenario. Fixes 3543. development
Add Text Area for project description. Fixes 3541. development
Add Multiple selection of items for deletion. Fixes 3537. development
Add Notification message field in Job Plan Manual Step. Fixes 3533. development
Fix Performance in running jobs page. Fixes 3527. development
Add Cancel Jobs operation improved and simplified. Fixes 3526. development
Add Go to Job Plan and Go to Server links in Job Plan steps. Fixes 3525. development
Add Update project name in plugin value references when it is changed in project creation, copy and import. Fixes 3523. development

Release 5.0.20 – 2020-06-01

Type Changes By
Fix Target cloning on project details page. Fixes 3557. development
Fix Install and uninstall plugins in Plugin Manager page. Fixes 3555. development
Fix Package creation when resources are invalid. Fixes 3553. development
Fix Update some incorrect tab and dialog titles. Fixes 3550. development
Fix Data Dictionary resources data update on package creation. Fixes 3549. development
Fix Server test connection confirmation dialog. Fixes 3544. development
Fix Include Transport and Cloud Provider Plugin Data resources into project export and import feature. Fixes 3540. development
Add Default top-left menu layout. Fixes 3539. development
Add Update the button 'Export Cloud Provider Plugin Data' and 'Export Transport Plugin Data'. Fixes 3538. development
Fix Running a linked Job fails. Fixes 3536. development
Fix Remote File Resource configuration for Data Dictionary, Transport Plugin and Cloud Provider Plugin formats. Fixes 3535. development
Add Improvement of Transport and Cloud Provider Plugin Data resources management. Fixes 3534. development
Fix AWS EC2 instance data view feature. Fixes 3530. development
Fix Project Data Dictionary resources management. Fixes 3528. development
Fix Resource editon UX improvement. Fixes 3524. development
Fix Plan configured for NEW PACKAGE doesn't run. Fixes 3522. development
Fix Resources references when a project is copied. Fixes 3521. development
Fix Workflow execution for batched pipeline jobs. Fixes 3514. development
Fix Because of the MSNP24 deprecation we have decided to remove the Skype plugin. Fixes 3513. development
Fix UI issues on orchestration editon. Fixes 3512. development
Fix Project Dictionary object returned by WebServices. Fixes 3509. development
Fix Remove selected resources in available list on project details page. Fixes 3508. development
Fix Handle invalid number format on steps forms. Fixes 3504. development
Fix Pending Approval and Approved emails have environment, application, version which does not match targets. Fixes 3497. development
Fix Utility fix in entry package content reading. Fixes 3487. development

Release 5.0.19 – 2020-04-21

Type Changes By
Fix Amended WADL JAXB generation issue. Fixes 3480. development
Add Improved UX on running jobs and infrastructure pages. Fixes 3476. development
Fix Fixed DB queries issues detected against MS SQL Server. Fixes 3473. development

Release 5.0.18 – 2020-04-03

Type Changes By
Add Upgrade of distributed tomcat to 9.0.33. Fixes 3462. development
Fix Fixed bug on retried pipeline job execution. Fixes 3460. development
Fix Solved bug with artifacts plugins to get promoted packages. Fixes 3456. development
Add UX improvements: - Update Libraries UI texts to Resources. - System menu reorganisation and improvement. - Renamed "Select Task" to "New Task" in context menu on project orchestration edition. - New remove feature in edition pages for projects, servers, installations and job plans. - Validation of target definition within job package in project job execution request. - Improvement on Packages tab in project edition page. - My Job Plans tab on server and installation edition pages. - New Project filter in infrastructure page. - Installation projects listing in infrastructure page. Fixes 3453. development
Fix Fixed and improved Jobs Visualization on project details page. Fixes 3452. development
Fix Amended bug when project root directory is changed in SCM plugin form. Fixes 3451. development
Fix Removed 1000 chars limitation on MOTD message. Fixes 3450. development

Release 5.0.17 – 2020-03-10

Type Changes By
Add UX improvements: - Table filters persisted on user session. - Main tabs selection persisted on user session. - New additional action buttons in top panel of CRUD pages. - New orchestration diagram preview on project list row expansion details. - New targets list preview on project list row expansion details. - New job plan diagram preview on job plan list row expansion details. - New orchestration/pipeline diagram preview on future jobs row expansion details. - Data dictionary discovery process shows in which project files are found and warns if they are not found. Fixes 3344. development
Fix Added missing RapidDeploy Connector library into RD dependencies. Fixes 3438. development

Release 5.0.16 – 2020-02-14

Type Changes By
Fix Missing end characters on files following DataPower deployment. Fixes 3432. development
Fix WMQ files not being deployed. Some MQSC files are omitted. Fixes 3410. development
Fix Upgraded HSQL DB from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0 and Bitronix Transaction Manager from 2.1.0 to 2.1.4. Fixes 3413. development
Fix Fix the "View Approvals History" filter by date. Fixes 3401. development
Add New migration plugin feature for projects on project import including a new plugin for RD 3.4 projects migration to RD 5.0. Fixes 3377. development
Add Latest Java SE version 13 is supported. Fixes 3376. development

Release 5.0.14 – 2019-11-06

Type Changes By
Add New optional parent job field in Run Job Plan dialog, enabling RD to run a job plans depending on a previous one. Fixes 3382. development
Fix The PDF which contains a complete list of possible settings in a page has truncated examples. Fixes 3358. development
Fix Deploy fails with cannot create ObjectName when using modifyEntAppConfig="true". Fixes 3328. development
Fix Amended minor UI issues on Job Plan Edition. Fixes 3380. development
Fix Solved bug to allow RD to include custom jars to project class path loaded from MV_HOME/lib directory. Fixes 3373. development

Release 5.0.13 – 2019-09-12

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed bug on Remote Directory Library Plugin. Fixes 3366. development
Fix Fixed bug on Git SCM plugin. Fixes 3362. development
Fix Solved issue on package list tab in project details page. Fixes 3360. development
Add Improved "Command Runner" task from "Command and Script Execution" category. It was added a new optional task parameter for script base directory path. Fixes 3356. development
Fix Amended issue with Job Plan run and late job configuration validation. Fixes 3354. development
Fix Removed GNU utils on distribution packages and scripts for windows. Fixes 3343. development
Fix Improved Job Plan edition page. Fixes 3338. development
Add Internal RD refactoring in order to handle dependencies separately from plugins code. Fixes 3309. development

Release 5.0.12 – 2019-07-11

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed issues on security pages: roles, project groups and environments. Fixes 3334. development
Fix Updated plugins icons and thumbnails. Fixes 3331. development
Add Added auto classpath update feature on remote agent for new plugins not available on target. Fixes 3324. development
Add Improvement on Job Plan edition page loading. Fixes 3317. development
Add Updated File Based Repository artifact plugin. Added Regular Expression feature for file searching File Based Repository artifact plugin versions have changed to 5.0.1 All projects based on this plugin will require upgrading. Please see upgrade documentation for further instructions (http://docs.midvision.com/LATEST/install/upgrade.html). Fixes 3308. development
Fix Amended task jar paths dependency auto detection for project classpath. Fixes 3306. development
Add Include the option to set minimum and maximum pool size for the DB2 datasource. Fixes 3298. development
Fix Strange error creating a cluster on WAS ND on Windows. Fixes 3244. development
Add New Transport and Cloud Provider plugin data libraries to be used in infrastructure configuration as a centralised way to manage credentials and common settings. Fixes 3227. development

Release 5.0.11 – 2019-04-08

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed project job log level loading on remote agent execution. Fixes 3288. development
Add New auto refresh interval setting on user preferences for running jobs page. Fixes 3274. development
Fix Solved issue on project generation failure to rollback created files and directories. Fixes 3272. development
Fix Solved issue on target promotion feature. Also improved UX. Fixes 3270. development
Fix Changed project export operation to include hidden files. Fixes 3264. development
Fix Improved way to persist RD XML config files to allow use of symlink. Fixes 3265. development
Fix Improved project files panel in project details page. Fixes 3263. development
Fix Amended sensible info masking on project job log when the resources task are loaded. Fixes 3262. development
Fix Added new validation to avoid loading duplicated tasks found from different libs. Fixes 3260. development
Add New SSH tasks to get files via SCP to the remote server from another server. Fixes 3259. development
Fix Improved performance on previous job page. Fixes 3251. development
Fix Creating DSN loop runs into ArrayOutofBounds. Fixes 3249. development
Add New cut feature on orchestration edition. Fixes 3248. development
Add New feature to enable user to save and user of late properties on Job Plans. Fixes 3247. development
Add Upgraded HSQL built-in DB instance and libraries dependencies from 2.3.4 to 2.4.1. Fixes 3235. development
Fix Amended issue for dictionary entry value removal on target scope. Fixes 3231. development
Add Removed plugins version history (Internal Feature) on persisted data. Fixes 3226. development
Fix ${approval.serverName} not rendered in approval email. Fixes 3225. development
Fix Fixed minor UI issue on project details page when SCM plugin operation buttons is pressed. Fixes 3220. development
Fix Amended issues on new Remote Directory Library. Fixes 3203. development
Add New output counter param as result in tasks: - Category File - Operations: List Fileset, Move a Fileset, Copy a Fileset, Delete a Fileset, List Files, Simple Copy and Simple Delete - Category String: Split String. Fixes 3201. development
Add New buttons spacer to identify better the remove button among other buttons in every table row actions. Fixes 3184. development

Release 5.0.10 – 2018-11-23

Type Changes By
Fix Amended UI issue to change password for super user when LDAP authentication is enabled. Fixes 3222. development
Add New Remote Directory Library. Fixes 3203. development
Fix Fixed job plan description length validation. Fixes 3189. development
Fix Improved Running Jobs page. Fixes 3178. development
Fix Amended bug on DD target entries promotion operation. Fixes 3173. development
Fix Amended bugs on library resources backup and restore operations. Fixes 3172. development
Add Updated Microsoft Azure cloud plugin based on latest APIs version 1.15.0. Added new Azure tasks. Azure cloud provider plugin versions have changed to 5.0.1 All target servers defined in infrastructure based on this plugin will require upgrading and reconfiguring. Please see upgrade documentation for further instructions (http://docs.midvision.com/LATEST/install/upgrade.html). Fixes 3151. development
Fix New failure branch feature for pipeline steps. Fixes 3117. development

Release 5.0.9 – 2018-07-18

Type Changes By
Fix Amended bug detected on setting and displaying job plan notes. Fixes 3141. development
Add Improved framework license management. Fixes 3133. development
Fix Amended bugs on Active Directory authentication provider. Fixes 3131. development
Add New Job Plan Variables features, including new tasks to set and get values into job plan variables. Fixes 3123. development

Release 5.0.7 – 2018-06-28

Type Changes By
Fix Improved build-in HSQLDB application to avoid DB shutdown issues when RD is running on a cloud instance. Fixes 3130. development
Fix Improvements on ROLLBACK package management during job execution. Fixes 3127. development
Add Remove Working Directory from Orchestration settings. Fixes 3121. development
Fix Amended UI bugs on Plugin Manager page. Fixes 3122. development
Fix Amended lib dependencies on JBoss plugin. Fixes 3116. development
Fix Plugin update hangs from project panel. Fixes 3114. development
Add Implement the "executeCommandOnTarget" method for the Remote Agent transport plugin. Fixes 3110. development
Add New permission view table on security user details page. Fixes 3108. development
Add New System Backup and Restore Features. Fixes 3107. development
Fix Updated all plugins versions to match with the framework one. REQUIRED ACTION: In order to update all your plugins configuration data to the latest one, please navigate to Help -> Plugin Manager. You can call the update operations from there using the Update Plugin Data button (spanner icon). Fixes 3106. development
Fix SendMailTask from orchestration when not using SMTP authentication not working. Fixes 3102. development
Fix 'mqsiapplybaroverride' is not working for applications. Fixes 3101. development
Add Server restart step. Fixes 3094. development
Add Added new files extensions and max file size to exclude on Data Dictionary entries discovery process. Fixes 3093. development
Fix Amended issues with targets values when the key of a Data Dictionary entry has changed. Fixes 3092. development
Fix Fixed bug on Telemetry rejection validation. Fixes 3084. development
Fix Solved issue in Condition Task context when the task is set within a Loop Task thread. Fixes 3083. development
Add New features to support target auto discovering when the project files are shared between multiple projects. Fixes 3081. development
Fix New configuration validation for invalid targets on project edition. Fixes 3080. development
Add Updated IIS plugins to support latest IIS versions, added new Windows Tasks for DSIM and AppCmd command-line tools. Fixes 3078. development
Add New WebSphere Application Server 9.0 plugin. Fixes 3077. development
Add Solved issues for TFS Library managing in Windows. Added new TFS SCM plugin. Improved management of TEE dependencies and upgraded to version 14.134.0. Fixes 3014. development

Release 5.0.5 – 2018-01-12

Type Changes By
Add Improved UX regarding user session time out. Fixes 3041. development
Fix Updated MidVision EULA terms. Fixes 3040. development
Fix Fixed bug on DataPowerGenericSoapTask. Fixes 3038. development
Fix Fixed bug on new package creation service. Fixes 3032. development
Fix Amended bug on Job Plan edition when a referenced target was removed from a project. Fixes 3029. development
Fix Added new dedicated authentication provider for Active Directory and improvements on all authentication mechanisms. Updated LDAP authentication documentation. Fixes 3028. development
Add Install WebSphere resource environment provider with multiple referenceables. Fixes 3023. development

Release 5.0.4 – 2017-11-14

Type Changes By
Fix Solved functional bug on pipeline execution. Fixes 3015. development
Fix The buttons for a manual SCM plugin are not shown. Fixes 3013. development
Add Add support for SQL Server as the RapidDeploy database. Fixes 3009. development
Fix Improved built-in DB application to avoid data lost on unexpected shutdown. Fixes 3006. development
Fix Reorganisation of libraries dependencies for remoting plugin and orchestration core library. Fixes 2990. development
Fix Fixed UX issues on Dictionary Resources management. Fixes 2989. development
Fix Amended issue on pipeline retry operation when a failed job is part of a sequence of jobs within a step. Fixes 2985. development
Fix Amended UX issue on Server creation page. Fixes 2984. development
Add New Java binaries deployment and Remoting Agent deployment/start pipeline steps as part of a Job Plan. Fixes 2979. development
Fix Job Plan and orchestration diagrams edition pages were improved avoiding scrolling issues. Fixes 2976. development
Fix Fixed target validations on InitialisationTask when latest config is set. Fixes 2972. development
Add New Project Job Plans list on project details page. Fixes 2966. development
Fix NameError: exportFile exception when running WebSphereConfigPropertiesExportTask (8.5.5). Bug in 'AbstractConfigPropertiesTask' class. Fixes 2965. development

Release 5.0.3 – 2017-09-11

Type Changes By
Add New plugin for Codehaus Cargo. Fixes 2881. development
Fix QuerySyntaxException thrown when trying to navigate to a job via the packages tab - fixed. Fixes 2959. development
Add Implement a new dynamic resource type to handle maps for task resources. Fixes 2958. development
Fix Amended UI bug on task floating panel in project details page. Fixes 2951. development
Add Added new Data Dictionary Resource Library format to be managed by projects as external source for data dictionary entries. Fixes 2863. development
Add New Helix Perforce Repository external library. Fixes 2943. development
Add New feature for orchestration diagram navigation and management through keyboard. Fixes 2775. development

Release 5.0.2 – 2017-08-02

Type Changes By
Fix Added new internal feature for pipeline backward compatibility. Fixes 2944. development
Fix Tooltip for the hostname in the server details has a typo Addresse should be Address. Fixes 2941. development
Fix Minor UX issue on server creation was fixed. Fixes 2937. development
Fix Adding schema task resource to Flyway tasks and using this new feature in RapidDeploy database initial scripts. Fixes 2936. development
Add Added version 1.1 of RapidDeploy CLI to the assembly. Fixes 2925. development
Add Additional tutorial content added: RapidDeploy Command Line, Import Export. Fixes 2886. development
Add Running jobs UX improvement was added. Fixes 2773. development
Add New filters on Operations View page. Fixes 2737. development
Add Improve the RunRDDeploymentTask and the CreateRDDeploymentPackageTask to call calling instance by default. Fixes 2701. development

Release 5.0.1 – 2017-07-20

Type Changes By
Fix Query to database fixed in order to meet DB2 limitation. Fixes 2933. development
Fix Improved login time response. Fixes 2935. development
Add New RapidDeploy tutorial notification message and wizard dialog. Current tutorial content available: Overview, Resources, Infrastructure, Projects and Job Plans. Fixes 2886. development

Release 5.0.0 – 2017-07-11

Type Changes By
Add Service installation script for Remote Agent supports spaces in the installation path. Fixes 2929. development
Fix Amended bug when definitions files transfer has same source and target path. Fixes 2928. development
Fix Fixed UI bug on Resource Libraries page. Fixes 2927. development
Add Previous Jobs page improvement. Fixes 2924. development
Add Added job execution improvement. New latest config feature on one-click run target job. Fixes 2922. development
Add Primefaces upgraded to 6.1. Fixes 2920. development
Add Libraries model simplified, target link was removed. Fixes 2919. development
Add New improvements on Resource Libraries management. Fixes 2918. development
Add New Infrastructure list page merging Server and Installation (Environments) list pages both in one. Fixes 2915. development
Add New feature enabling the ability to manage multiple jobs on each Job Plan step flow. Fixes 2914. development
Fix Incorrect AWS locations fixed. Fixes 2913. development
Fix Fix for issue detected when project and job plan uploading shares same FS locations. Fixes 2912. development
Add New host name validation on project job request operation. Fixes 2911. development
Fix Late Configuration setup UI Fix on Job Plan Edition page. Fixes 2910. development
Fix Amended bug on build-in variable replacement for DD entries. Fixes 2903. development
Add New RapidDeploy Command Line Interface. Fixes 2890. development
Fix Amended Composite variables replacing for DD entries. Fixes 2831. development
Add Liquibase plugin. Fixes 2761. development
Remove Deprecate Oracle, MySql and MsSql specific database plugins - These are replaced with the newer DBMaestro, Flyway and Liquibase plugins for all Database operations. Fixes 2923. development