Red Hat JBoss AS 6.0 plugin

This Red Hat product plugin enables integration with and provisioning of JBoss AS 6.0 services.


The JBoss AS 6.0 binary file is required if you intend to install the product on a target severs using RapidDeploy.

Red Hat JBoss AS products can be downloaded from this web site: Red Hat.

An installed JBoss AS 6.0 server is required if you intend to deploy application and configuration using RapidDeploy


This plugin manages the installation, deployment of applications, configuration and uninstallation of JBoss AS 6.0 product on target servers regardless of the target operating system.

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all tasks and parameters.


This is separately licensed plugin that is not shipped with the framework. Please contact MidVision sales to obtain a copy of this plugin. This plugin interacts with Red Hat software, which may require a separate license.