Deploying ear/war files via Jmx

This Oracle product plugin enables deployment of multiple ear/war files to clusters or stand-alone managed servers via a Jmx interface.


This plugin contains a number of orchestration tasks that augment the core task framework to allow deployment of WebLogic ear/war files.

The specific tasks that can be used to achieve the Jmx deployment are:

  • JmxUndeployFileTask
  • JmxDeployFileTask
  • JmxDeployConfigurationTask

Typically, the JmxUndeployFileTask task will be called before the JmxDeployFileTask task.

Also included in this section are:

  • StartDomainTask
  • StopDomainTask
  • StartmanagedServerTask
  • StopmanagedserverTask

All of these tasks are driven by a configuration file, with a ".conf" suffix. This file contains JMX connection details. to enable JMX connection to the target weblogic domain.

Attributes and parameters

List and description of all tasks and parameters.


This is separately licensed plugin that is not shipped with the framework. Please contact MidVision sales to obtain a copy of this plugin. This plugin interacts with Oracle software, which may require a separate license.